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Our Company History

Our Company History

Back to Basics Therapy was founded by Paul Jarman in 2013, blending ancient healing techniques with modern sports medicine. Paul was introduced to massage by his mother from a young age but it didn’t occur to him that something so seemingly simple could have such a positive effect on so many of the body’s issues.

Over the years, he has sustained his fair share of injuries and struggled to find anyone to assist his recovery. The hospitals recommended various medicines and doctors mostly prescribed rest and restrictive movements. Like most people, Paul was always looking for a quick fix and these recommendations did not resolve his issue. Frustrated with this, he decided it was time to learn about the Human Body and find the solution for himself.

Back To Basics Therapy helps treat musculoskeletal pain and a vast array of pathologies, from torn ligaments to simply helping clients de-stress. Incorporating new methods of treatment into our work so we offer the most up to date techniques ensuring the most effective treatment outcomes.

Holistic Sport Therapy is probably the best way to describe what Back To Basics Therapy does, it uses a combination of ancient healing techniques such as traditional Chinese Medicine with modern Sports Medicine to treat the body and get to the root cause and not just to treat the symptoms of an issue. This combination allows us to really think outside the box, so when it comes to patient assessment we can catch small details that might otherwise get overlooked.

“You should not view massage and bodywork as alternative therapy, but the original therapy.”


Our Company Mission Statement

Our Company

Mission Statement

“To be the leading provider of natural physical therapies giving added value, insight, and aspiration.” – Paul Jarman

We are a lifestyle brand, Investing in the client and joining them on their journey
Recognition through the introduction of best working practices
Continued Training and development of all employees
Application of the best in new techniques
At all times striving to exceed our customer’s expectations and to add genuine value to their lifestyle
To be recognised as the UK’s foremost provider of remedial therapy, lifestyle support and personal growth.
To empower people by educating them to stay injury free


Our Company Core Values

Our Company

Core Values

BRILLIANCE – We consistently strive to better our standards for efficiency and quality.

ACCOUNTABILITY – We are responsible for all our actions and accountable for their consequences. We expect our patients to hold us accountable for our services.

CHAMPION – It’s all about people. We give only the very best and expect the very best effort from everyone. We are Champions of the lifestyle we expect others to attain.

KNOWLEDGE – The more you know the more the client knows. The more they know, the easier their journey will be. Educating ourselves to grow, prosper and thrive.

TEAMWORK – As individuals we are bright. As a team we are brilliant. We believe that great people working together can accomplish the extraordinary.

OPTIMISM – We set positive expectations of others and ourselves, we are confident about the future and successful outcomes.

BALANCE – Keep everything in perspective. We work hard, We have fun, and We strike a healthy balance between our personal and professional lives.

ACCOMPLISH – We do what we say we are going to do, we set goals, reach them and break through them.

SKILLFUL – We all know something someone doesn’t and we will work with each other to ensure we all continue to succeed.

INTUITIVE – We see our people’s needs with foresight and try to act upon those needs in practical matters. A common-sense, simple approach to complex issues.

COMMUNITY – Ensuring that we create an active presence in the community in which we operate.

SUPPORT – We have an environment that enables and supports effective growth, autonomy, teamwork and communication.


What Our Clients Say


Paul is very professional and friendly. Talked me through every step of my procedure, very reassuring. Walked out much better than when I hobbled in. Will be happy to recommend. I will definitely be using him again.


I was in a lot of back pain but luckily excellent service by Paul helped me
be pain free again!


Paul was superb! Really knows his stuff. My neck and shoulder pain was going on for over a month. Paul did some magic and worked on the areas effected and made the pain go away! Thanks Paul

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