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Owner | Senior Practitioner


Let’s flip the script a bit, shall we? Don’t think of massage and bodywork as the ‘alternative’ therapy; think of them as the OG therapy! In my humble opinion, sports and exercise are like peanut butter and jelly – they’re not complete without a sprinkle of sporty or holistic therapy. To truly unleash your inner athlete, it’s all about making these therapies your sidekicks in your daily routine. When you blend all these elements together, it’s not just about healing from past bumps and bruises; it’s about ninja-level injury prevention. 

I’m like the Sherlock Holmes of body mysteries. When the doctors, physios, and osteos scratch their heads and throw in the towel or prescribe western medicine, I’m here to show you there is ALWAYS another way.

I’ve got this uncanny knack for solving the unsolvable, fixing the unfixable, and untangling the trickiest tangles your body throws my way.

Now, let me spill the beans – I’m always experimenting with new treatment methods. But here’s the kicker: You might not realize it, but I’ve got a superpower! I’m not just your regular specialist; I’m a master of all trades – a ‘Generalist’ extraordinaire.

When you weave these treatments into your routine, prepare to be gobsmacked by the jaw-dropping results. Trust me; it’s like discovering a treasure chest of wellness right under your nose. Ready to dive in? Book in with me and let’s see how we can take your recovery to another level.


Therapist | Junior Practitioner


Ever heard of my little adventure into Tuina? It’s like the wild ride of traditional Chinese medicine meets a treasure hunt for muscular and skeletal secrets! 

My bag of tricks isn’t your ordinary bag; it’s filled with goodies for all sorts of folks, from gym buffs to fierce athletes like footballers, cyclists, boxers, Muay Thai warriors, and BJJ champs. I’ve got this knack for customizing Tuina treatments that are as unique as their disciplines.

Picture this: I’m like a sorceress with a toolbox, offering not just relief but supercharged well-being. Hot cupping? It’s like a mini volcano eruption of blood flow and tension liberation. Gua Sha? It’s the muscle whisperer that tames tension and inflammation like a champ. Dry needling? Think of it as my secret weapon against those pesky trigger points. And as if that’s not enough, electroacupuncture steps in to supercharge the already incredible benefits of traditional acupuncture.

So, here’s the deal – if your muscles and joints have secrets, I’m here to uncover them all with my bag of magical tools! Ready to join the Tuina adventure? Book in with me and let’s start your road to recovery.

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