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Tamara-Ann’s background as a Movement Artist & Dancer gives her a rich and vibrant outlook on the mechanics of the body. Studying at California State University, Tamara’s passion for movement translates into her journey in the therapy world. Trained as a dancer & being around artists and athletes, Tamara’s drive is to bring movement and medicine together. Being on the receiving end of TuiNa for many years with life-changing results, Tamara-Anne now dedicates her time to everything Holistic, continually learning, practicing and growing her art form with movement and medicine.

Offering Express Massage, Holistic massage, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), TuiNa (Chinese Physical Therapy), Cupping/Fire cupping and Medical Acupuncture; Tamara-Ann is versed in treating a range of ailments, injuries, internal and external imbalances.

Tamara says “Therapy is Movement, Flow and Qi in the body. Without movement, the body begins protecting itself, creating stagnation in the body’s energy flow. What we feed our mind and spirit is the body’s fuel and therefore creating space for healing to happen is the ultimate goal. This begins with movement.”

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