Paul Jarman, Owner and Founder of “Back to Basics Therapy”

Paul is Qualified in Holistic Massage at ITEC level 3 and has a BTEC level 5 Diploma in Sports and Remedial Massage and Sports Treatments, awarded by edexcel which is renowned for setting high standards for over 17 years.

Paul is based at the world renowned London Shootfighters Gym. He provides their Olympic class professionals, pro fighters and regular clientele with various remedial therapies, injury prevention and management, holistic, relaxing, pre & post event treatments, massage and more.

Throughout his life he has trained in various forms of martial arts and has worked in the Security industry for many years. Over the years He has sustained his fair share of injuries and struggled to find anyone to assist in his recovery. Hospitals recommended various medicines and doctors mostly prescribed rest and restrictive movements. Like most people he was always looking for a quick fix and these recommendations did not resolve his issues. The only things he found to help him with his injuries where he could see and measure results were manual body work in the form of massage and sport treatments.

Introduced to massage by his mother from a young age, it didn’t occur to him that something so seemingly simple could have such a positive effect on so many of the body’s issues, after much research on the benefits of massage and bodywork treatments, Paul decided it was time to learn about anatomy for himself to understand his own body better.

Personal advice from Paul:-

You should view massage and body work not as an alternative therapy, but the original therapy. It is my viewpoint that “sport and exercise are not complete without sport or holistic therapy and to reach your full potential you should include both in your regular routine as I do mine”. Stretching is also beneficial and all these combined will not only help you recover from any injury sustained, it will reduce the risk of further injury.
I am constantly incorporating new methods of treatments into my work. However, experience and a good listening ear have shown me that many people are used to being referred to a “specialist”. They are completely unaware of the capabilities of a good quality Therapist and the benefits that this could bring. When treatments are incorporated into a routine many are amazed and delighted when they experience the results.

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One of Paul’s favourite quotes:

“When Health is absent, Wisdom cannot reveal itself, Art cannot manifest, Strength cannot fight, Wealth becomes useless, and Intelligence cannot be applied.”

Herophilus – Greek physician deemed to be the first anatomist