Tui Na Massage (Pronounced Twee-nah) is a complete healing system! It is translated as Tui ‘Push’ and Na ‘Grasp’.
Tuina is the most tried and tested massage therapy in the world. It is an Ancient healing art that employs the use of the hands to press on key points on the surface of the body. When these points are stimulated they release tension, increase circulation and improve the body’s own natural healing process.
Tui Na is renowned for its effectiveness in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions but it is also effective for internal problems such as:-
headaches and migraines,
anxiety and panic attacks,
digestive dysfunction,
circulatory problems,
hormonal imbalance,
stress and related conditions
Over the last two centuries Tuina has taken over the role of Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Chiropractic in China. As of 2010 Tui Na is now recognized in China as a distinct medical system in its own right.
Tui Na is an effective way to maintain health, reduce the chance of injury, enhance flexibility and much more!……

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