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  1. My first backtobasicstherapy experience was incredible. I instantly felt a difference from how I was to how I was when Mr P Jarman finished the massage.

    Firstly before he started – he showed everyone how out of balance I was. He showed this by simply placing a broomstick equally over the bottom of my lower back (coccyx region) and showed everyone how much it tilted to one side. ( I believe it tilted to the downwards from the right side)

    He then placed a small towel that was folded under my left side so that I would be balanced.

    Then heaven happened. The massage began – he warmed up my lower back muscles and put me back into order. Before you know it – my back was done and to show what he actually done, he put the broomstick back to my coccyx on my back without the towel underneath me and I was completely balanced.

    Tbh I wasn’t ever sure I could be fixed but he Mr Jarman found a way. Hehe.

    I was then plac ed laying on my back – and then – in an instant my neck was cracked and back to its original state.

    That was all I needed to be fixed i believe but it was most definitely the best experience ever that I’ve had in my life. I look forward to having my next 1.

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