About Back To Basics Therapy


Treat the Patient in the clinic so that they have reduced pain outside of the clinic and are clear on their treatment plan & goals using simple solutions to complex issues.

We work with world renowned athletes from Commonwealth & Olympians to Stunt teams and Pro fighters providing various remedial therapies. We help with Injury prevention and management, holistic therapies, rehab and event treatment.

We know that no one style fits all and we pride ourselves in changing it up, each therapist is trained in multidisciplines so the treatments are tailor made to your specific needs.

Whether your goal is relief from acute symptoms or long-term improvement for your musculoskeletal health we are here to help.

Back to Basics Therapy was founded by Paul Jarman in 2013. Paul was introduced to massage by his mother from a young age but it didn’t occur to him that something so seemingly simple could have such a positive effect on so many of the body’s issues. Over the years, Paul has sustained his fair share of injuries and struggled to find anyone to assist his recovery. The hospitals recommended various medicines and doctors mostly prescribed rest and restrictive movements. Like most people, Paul was always looking for a quick fix and these recommendations did not resolve his issue. Frustrated with this, Paul decided it was time to learn about the Human body and find the solution for himself.

Back To Basics Therapy helps treat musculoskeletal pain and a vast array of pathologies, from torn ligaments to simply helping clients de-stress. At Back To Basics Therapy, we’re constantly incorporating new methods of treatment into our work so you get the most up to date techniques ensuring the most effective treatment outcomes.

Words from Paul

You should not view massage and body work as alternative therapy, but the original therapy. It is my viewpoint that sport and exercise are not complete without sport or holistic therapy and to reach your full potential you should include both in your regular routine as I do mine. Stretching is also beneficial and all these combined will not only help you recover from any injury sustained, it will reduce the risk of further injury. I am constantly incorporating new methods of treatments into my work. However, experience and a good listening ear have shown me that many people are so used to being referred to “specialists” that they are completely unaware of the capabilities of a good quality “Generalist” and the benefits that this could bring. When treatments are incorporated into a routine many are amazed and delighted when they experience the results.

Some of our Patients

Bellator’s The one and only Michael ‘Venom’ Page

Bellators ‘Judo’ Jimmy Wallhead

Bamma World Champion and Bellator’s Mike ‘Sea-Bass’ Shipman

UFC Fighter Darren ‘Dentist’ Stewart

UFC Fighter Claudio ‘Hannibal’ Silva

Reece Bellotti, Former Commonwealth Featherweight Champion

Amir ‘The Prince’ Albazi

BJJ Professor Arya Esfandmaz

NFL Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall