Will my information be sold or shared?

Your information will never be sold, and we will only share your information if a referral is required, which will be at your signed consent.

If the therapist has concerns that are without reasonable doubt that emergency services require the information and /or consent is unobtainable at the time.

Will I be naked?

When receiving a  Holistic Massage, you will be wearing your underwear only, however the therapist’s towel techniques have been taught to the highest standards so you should never feel exposed.

For Sport Treatments it is dependent on the disclosed complaint, however it is advisable to bring a pair of loose fitting shorts and women are advised to wear a sports bra.

Do I need a consultation for a massage?

Yes, a mandatory consultation will be taken on your first visit for both Holistic and Sport Treatments ,this will allow the therapist to accurately obtain any details of previous injuries or illnesses which will determine the approach of the therapy.